This is How Every Wedding Should Be

October 3, 2020

-by Royal Bindi


A wedding is easily the most important day in life of any person, whether bride or bridegroom. Of course, the bride always looks more elaborately dressed when seen in Asian wedding photography albums. This is because there are ornaments on virtually every part of her body, starting from her hair, the forehead, her shoulders, her waist, her lower half, the ankles, and the feet. Guests at Asian weddings also take special care to look their best on such occasions.

Clothes at an Asian wedding

You can expect each individual at such a wedding to be wearing elaborate clothes, many of which are specifically stitched. Chiffon sarees, hand-woven fancy shawls, linen kurtas, colorful turbans, and an embroidered wedding salwar kameez are just some of the dresses you will see.  In totality, it will allow a lot of color to be captured through Asian wedding photography.

Hire only experienced photographers

Search only for companies which hire experienced wedding photographers only, so that you do not have to worry about the quality of the final product. It will take some time to find photographers willing to work as per your requirements, both in terms of the dates and the budget.

Every photographer as well as videographer dreams of capturing the entire glory of an elaborate Asian wedding. Very few events are able to showcase as much emotion, stories, and color as these. The entire gamut of emotions can be beautifully captured in both still photographs and videos.

Wedding memories

Several memories are made during weddings, which can be best captured through both photography and wedding videography. The number of still shots will always be more than the videos, but only the latter will be able to show how the emotions of guests and family members change with time. Videography will help to see all the ceremonies and guest activities, enabling each viewer to relive the special days forever.  

Clicking the food items

An elaborate menu is placed at any Asian weddings. While some of them have menus which are strictly vegetarian, there are others which showcase a mix of non vegetarian and vegetarian items. There are also separate sections for snacks and desserts. Food needs to be clicked in a manner that it appears appetizing, and this can be done only by a team of experienced photographers. In other words, those who click weddings must be aware of how to make food look good as well. For this purpose, they must not be afraid to make a few changes to this arrangement, if necessary.

Image and video customization

A lot of photographs and videos will be taken during the wedding and other events. These will be further developed into edited videos and physical albums, which can be customized to meet your needs. You can have separate albums for specific ceremonies as well. However, to make sure you get the final product exactly as you want, you would need to be in constant communication with the photographers and videographers.

Wedding stories

Photographers make use of great pictures and videos before the wedding and after it to prepare a storyboard for the lucky couple.

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