Six Key Points to Get the Best Result Out of Your Wedding Photography

June 1, 2020

-by Royal Bindi

Sikh Wedding Photographer

What makes someone revisit their wedding day again and again and cherish those beautiful moments? The simple answer is – wedding photos and videos. With the importance as high as such, there shouldn’t be any leeway for error when it comes to getting your wedding photography done.

How well, comprehensive, detail-filled, and intimate the photography is, it will stick to your heart forever, leaving you with some great memories of one of the most important days of your life.

This is where the role of your wedding photographer comes into play. Remember that food, activities, etc. will be there for that particular day, but the work the photographer carries out will be with you forever. So, the onus is on you to find a great photographer that can create the perfect story album that will speak of the volume of love, laughter, and merriment of the day.

So, how do you achieve that? Below are some tips to help you work on the same page with your photographer and get the best possible solution out:

1. Have Someone Who Understands Your Culture and Specific Wedding ceremony Rituals

Your culture defines what type of wedding you are going to have. Capturing it right accordingly means the photographer must have some good knowledge of how your wedding will pan out, right from pre-madding rituals to wedding ceremony and post that. If you are a Sikh, then ensure that you get on board a quality and innovative Sikh wedding photographer.

Apart from just the cultural knowledge, they must blend that well with their camera work. A professional and inventive photographer is one who is able to take great photography at any event, irrespective of the surrounding, light, time of the day or night, and whatever else forms the scene of the wedding, developing focus on the bride and the groom and taking in secondary aspects as the perfect accessory.

2. Have a Shot List Prepared?

What your wedding photographs should contain? What type of specific event and people the focus has to be? And as such, preparing a shot list with your photographer in advance will help you as well as them mark the important things and let them prepare their angles and other measurements accordingly for a smooth process afterward.

3. Ensure They Have a Backup Plan in Place (Maybe a Secondary Photographer Also)

If there are some intricate moments that need to be covered by different angles at once, then the secondary photographer plays a big role. Sometimes, too much movement of the photographer can also jeopardize some shoots, wherein the second one can come in as the right aid. Discuss in detail this aspect with your photographer if you think there might be some requirement of this kind.

Also, an excellent job is one when you and your photographer are well prepared. They must have a backup in place for any unforeseen incident, like having a second camera, extra memory cards, batteries fully charged, and so. Ensure that the photographer has created the itinerary for the important moments and days and is right on schedule.

4. Create a List and Focus on All the Ceremonies and Rituals to be Captured

Depending on the type of cultural wedding you are having, there may be a series of ritual and incidents integral, from pre-wedding to post-wedding, which all needs to be captured by the photographer. Like a Sikh wedding has a lot of small to big rituals, which they want to capture all through, from engagement to wedding day to post-wedding reception, and so.

5. The Photography Should Pay Attention to the Small Details

In today’s times, wedding photography is all about creating a trendy, unconventional cinematography type of finish. Doing so means that the photographer has to pay attention to convoluted details, each minor one. Aspects like flowers at the venue, rings, back of dresses, shoes, table settings, food display, the flow of laughter and joy, and so much more, all these have to be paid full attention to create the right aesthetic finish that wedding photography in today’s times wants. Going through each and every dimension means that you are taking in your view everything that is needed and bringing the finest of the wedding event out forward through every combination.

6. There Should be the Right Balance of Bold and Beautiful

While all want photo shoots at the wedding that are sparkling and attention-grabbing, the emotion-filled moment that it captures, the intimacy of that occasion shouldn’t be left behind just to create a bold outlook. Being bold is good but stay away from obtrusive. Create the aesthetics, like formal shoot, should be a formal one, while a candid click must be candid in the way it speaks through the still.

Wedding photography in today’s times is no longer about bringing together an album of wedding moments; it is all about picturing the moments for lifetime memories. Whether you are looking for a Sikh wedding photographer, or someone else, the focus has to be on planning right, cohesion between you and the photographer, and bringing that desire on to the output.


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