Muslim Weddings

ZAINAB AND AIYAZ WEDDING Category Muslim Date May 16, 2019
Zainab & Aiyaz Wedding Reception Category Muslim Date October 22, 2021
NIZIA AND HAMZAH Category Muslim Date May 16, 2019
ANIQA & BASIL Category Muslim Date October 22, 2021
AFIRA & KHURRAM Category Muslim Date May 16, 2019
KHAKAAN AND RAISAH Category Muslim Date May 16, 2019

Muslim Wedding Photography & Videography in London & the UK

Royal Bindi knows and has a deep understanding of why a muslim wedding is so important, and why preserving it through photographs and videos is a priority for the couple and their loved ones. We pride ourselves on our traditional knowledge and as one of the leading specialists in capturing every facet of a Muslim wedding perfectly. Throughout our rich experience, our skilled team of expert asian wedding photographers and videographers have developed a keen eye for capturing the perfect setting and atmosphere of the special moments of your wedding.

We want to give you the assurance that you will receive everything you expected and even more with our creative flare. At Royal Bindi, we value the trust that you put in us and listen to your expectations and needs, and strive to meet and exceed them. Royal Bindi’s goal is to make sure that you are happy with the memories preserved, and that you will want to share and treasure the photos and videos for a lifetime.

Muslim weddings are particularly vibrant, colourful, and cultural. We aim to encapsulate these features through our photos and videos, employing various traditional and modern techniques to come up with a fantastic wedding album, rich in colour and emotion, you will be truly proud of.

Royal Bindi takes into careful consideration the local culture, religious rituals, traditions, and personal preferences of our clients. By trusting us with your special day, we aim to transport you back in time every time you admire you wedding film & photography.

Take a look at our sample photographs and videos on our website, and get in touch using the form below so we can discuss your special day!