Asian Wedding Dresses

The Significance of Indian Wedding Dresses

Every bride is going to want to look the part on her wedding day. As a result, the significance of Indian wedding dresses has to be understood. They carry tradition, they look impressive and they make the bride feel as though she is the centre of attention.

However, there are some things that many people do not know about Indian and other Asian wedding dress.

Red as a Colour

Red is a colour that is commonly seen in Indian and Asian wedding dresses. This is because Red in Indian culture is a symbolic colour that is influenced by Hindu beliefs and so, it is heavily prominent in Indian weddings.

Colours are extremely important in Indian culture. It is a colour that represents love and commitment, as well as strength and bravery. The associations are derived from Hindu religious belief and are often linked to Durga, who was a warrior goddess known for strength and power. What’s more, it is also linked to the impressive sunrises that India is famous for. All of these qualities are things that Indian brides are associated with. As a result, it is common for Indian brides to wear a ghagra, a lehenga-cholis or a red sari as a way of symbolising their prosperity in a new life.

Choosing an Asian Wedding Dress

Whether you are wearing a ghagra, a lehenga-cholis or a red sari, choosing the right dress requires several things.

First of all, you are going to need to consider the cost because your dress can range in price from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds. When you consider that the most expensive Lengha cost £100,000 and was full of Swarovski crystals, it is easy to see how expensive they can be.

One other thing that will need to be considered is the shape of the wedding dress and the shape of the bride. Some brides will have an apple-shaped figure which means that they have curves that will work specifically for a full length flared lehenga. They should also consider sticking with a solid colour too.

For women who have a pear-shaped figure then they will have a small bust and shoulders but wider hips and so, an A-line lehenga is the best option here. This will provide a sleek look and the close-fitting will ensure that it complements the shape while drawing attention away from the waist.

There are those women who have an hour-glass figure this means that they have a small waist and curves on their hips and bust. As a result, a full-length lehenga will emphasisetheir small waist. Along with this, it might be possible to opt for a choli or a lehenga that has a lot of heavy detailing to make a statement.

However, what is worth remembering that there are no rules around what you should wear. It is all about personal preference and with that comes choice. After all, it is your wedding day and you can wear whatever you wish. Therefore, go out there and find something that fulfils your needs and leaves you feeling special because you deserve to be the centre of attention.

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