Infographic: 8 Factors That Make Asian Wedding Photography Different From Other Weddings

August 4, 2020

-by Royal Bindi

Asian wedding photography

Are you planning to exchange vows with your soulmate in the traditional Asian way? To ensure the special moments of your wedding are captured flawlessly, you need to choose a wedding photographer carefully. The customs associated with an Asian wedding are quite different from others. The cultural roots are deep in Asian weddings. The essence of photography, therefore, needs to be centred around it. There are many functions associated with an Asian wedding. All these need to be given equal importance while taking pictures. Asian weddings are not events that end ina few hours. They continue for days. So, a photographer needs to be well prepared. 

Everyone wears colourful attires during these weddings. These colours need to be visible in the pictures. An Asian wedding is incomplete without music and dance. The moves of all significant people present need to be captured by the photographer. Food is also an integral part of these weddings. So, the photographer needs to capture impactful pictures of the food served. There are several emotional moments centred around the bridge, groom and family members. The photographer who has expertise in Asian wedding photography will never miss these moments. Guests also need to be captured in photos as they are an integral part of the event.

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